Policies & What To Expect

Covid & Public Health Policies

Mitigation steps for our classes in the studio are HERE!


Refunds (minus credit card fees) may be given if you need to cancel your registration up to TWO WEEKS before the start of the semester. Tuition cannot be refunded or prorated due to absences or illnesses. Credits MAY be given if extenuating circumstances require withdrawal, and will be considered on an individual basis. Should we need to adapt to online classes based on very high community spread illness, there are no refunds. Our goal will be in-person classes when it’s safe to do so and online if it is not.


Remember that parent/caregiver participation is a key ingredient to success in any Kindermusik program. Your commitment to regular attendance and ongoing participation with your child during class will lead to more satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and enjoyment for your child and you! Please limit adult conversation during class time. Your child is sensitive to the adults around him/her. As a side benefit, your teacher’s voice will remain in good shape if she is not having to sing or speak above the group.


Sick Children

There is no reason to enter our studio if you or your child is ill as we have unlimited make ups and unlimited attendance. Please help us keep everyone healthy by not attending your class if you/your child has a fever, please wait until everyone is fever free for 48 hrs. before returning to class. If you/your child has had diarrhea or has vomited within the last 24 hrs please, stay home. If you/your child has a severe cough, thick nasal discharge, green & yellow gook all over his/her nose, a rash or pink eye, please let them rest at home.

We keep our studio toys, props, instruments, etc. disinfected and clean. We have sanitizer at the entrance and inside the studio to use before and after class & restrooms to wash hands before and after class. Let’s continue to keep Kindermusik With Friends the healthiest place, next to your home, that you’ll go for an hour each week. Please also see all adjustments we’ve made to address Covid 19 HERE!


Make-up Classes

Please make an effort to make it to the class you registered for weekly and on time. If your child needs to be absent for any reason, PLEASE send an e-mail BEFORE your class as the space made by your absence can allow another child to do a make-up or preview.

Make-ups for classes you miss can be arranged by attending another age-appropriate class at another time during the semester. Please e-mail to see what classes we may have open for make ups so I can have control on extra students. Too many extra students at a time can greatly affect the group dynamic and can be unsafe for children.

You are allowed unlimited make ups in another age appropriate space with room for you and your child. Please don’t leave your make ups until the last few weeks of the semester when classes become too full to accommodate more families.

In the rare event we need to cancel classes due to teacher illness or weather, you will receive as much advanced notice as possible via e-mail. Email is our primary source of communication with you and we ask that you check BEFORE attending your class each week. Cancelled classes may be made up if there is an opportunity to do so. Otherwise you are welcome to make up a cancelled class on another day/time.


Unlimited Classes

You are allowed to attend class as many times as you’d like each week as long as we have room. We have UNLIMITED ATTENDANCE! For example if you are registered on a Monday, attend that class and feel free to come again to another age appropriate class if we have room!

An email will be sent each Sunday that let’s you know which classes have room. You may also e-mail us at anytime to inquire of open space. Simply inform us via e-mail or text that you’d like to attend and we’ll confirm if we have space to include you again that week! Priority will always be given to families that need make ups for a missed class and to families looking to try an introductory class.

Incident Waiver

With your registration, you are agreeing to this waiver and have read all policies. This waiver releases any and all rights and claims for damages against Kim Shiely and Kindermusik with Friends in the unlikely event of injury sustained by yourself, child(ren), or assigned caregivers during the course of or as a result of the musical activities or unanticipated exposure to COVID-19 or any illnesses. You understand that it is your duty to inform any caregiver assigned to bring your child to class of this waiver.

Inclement Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather, please check your e-mail before leaving for class. An email will be sent with news of classes being canceled due to weather.

Food & Allergies

We do not allow food or drinks ANYWHERE in our building. We have children & adults who attend our classes that have LIFE-THREATENING ALLERGIES to foods/drinks that include simple snacks like Cheerios & Milk.  Please give your children snacks before and after coming into our building. They should NOT be finishing food in the lobby or hallway. Not having food & coffee in the 60 minutes you might spend in our building each day allows us to keep ALL families safe & our space clean. Water and infant feeding are absolutely acceptable. We appreciate everyone’s help!


Behavior Protocol

It is perfectly normal for children to run, tumble, scream, cry and protest. And all children will do these things. Please keep in mind, however, that some behaviors, although very natural for a child, may be disruptive during an inside group activity.

Running is not permitted in our building for the safety of the children unless directed by the teacher. This is a huge safety issue. If your child is running, you need to physically help stop them and show them how to use walking feet.

If your child becomes upset or disruptive, please take him/her outside the room and set appropriate boundaries before returning. This helps the class move smoothly and keeps all the children focused.

Because certain aggressive behaviors create apprehension for children and consequently disrupt the class experience, these behaviors will not be tolerated. Aggressive behavior toward other children or adults will be grounds for dismissal and/or expulsion from class. Aggressive behaviors include, but are not limited to: throwing objects at others, biting, hitting, kicking, tackling, and scratching. Also included are behaviors that cause damage to the classroom facility.

All children have rough days. If your child is upset and unable to settle in, it may be best to leave and try again another day. You are always welcome to make-up the class and try again on a better day.

Non-enrolled Siblings

Siblings under 8 months of age are welcome to sit in on a Level 2 class for no additional charge, preferably if content in a carrier. This assures that you are able to give complete attention to the enrolled child. Emergency exceptions are understood. Siblings 8-17 Months will be charged a small fee to participate with their enrolled sibling. Occasionally older children may need to come along to their younger siblings class, please email me about this beforehand. Due to size of class and safety of little ones they should relax in the entrance with books, DVD, IPad or something fun while their younger sibling attends class with you.


Teachers may occasionally take photos during class of you and your child enjoying yourselves. Those digital photos will be available at no cost to you. Occasionally these photos may be used on the business website, business Facebook page or in printed materials. Your registration in class is your agreement to allow your child’s photograph to be taken and consent to your inclusion in these materials. No names of children or parents will be used at any time. Please let your teacher know privately if you DO NOT consent to having your picture used in any way.


Spouses, partners and adult relatives in and out of town are always welcome to join class. It’s a treat for your child to be able to share their music class experience. Due to space limitations, it is always helpful that we know ahead of time should anyone new be brought into our studio space.

Cell Phone Use

For classes that you attend WITH your child we’d prefer that cell phones not be in the studio or that you not be on them. Please take this opportunity to enjoy and give attention to your child. Emergency exceptions are absolutely understood.


You and your child will be strongly encouraged to remove your shoes before class. This allows the many nerve endings on the bottoms of the feet to be stimulated, adding to your child’s learning potential. I also recommend you dress comfortably. Kindermusik classes are full of active fun and you will have an easier time participating with your child if you feel free to move.

Restrooms & Changing

We have three unisex restrooms in between both studios. Our two family restrooms have changing tables, sink stools, toddler safety seats, diaper pails, diapers, wipes, etc. Please change babies and toddlers in the restroom instead of the classrooms or entrances. This ensures privacy and that the diapers are disposed of in the diaper pails.

Plan to arrive a few minutes early for class. Arriving a little before class provides time for your child to settle in to the musical environment. We will start and end classes on time. If you are not able to make it to class on time, please join class when you are able; We’d rather have you there for part of class than not at all.

Please finish food and coffee before coming into the building to prevent spills and to keep our studio clean for our little ones. More importantly, we have children with LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES in our classes.


Nursing & bottle feeding are permitted in class, but otherwise please try to keep all toys, sippy cups, blankies and pacifiers out of sight and ensure snacks are finished prior to class. Your child will need to have hands and voices free to participate. Emergency exceptions are understood.

Relax and enjoy music with your young child. If your child cannot focus on the activities and does not sit by your side at all times – don’t worry. As long as your child is in the room he/she is participating.

Most children adore music. They love to dance, to sing and to play musical instruments. However, a group music experience may be new to your child. He/she may be shy in the group – that’s okay. Encourage your child to join in, but please do not be over anxious if he/she is reluctant at first. Each child responds in a unique way in the musical environment. Some will participate eagerly, while others will prefer to observe initially. During class, the most important thing you can do for your child is to be an active and patient role model.

It is not uncommon for a child to attend several classes before feeling comfortable in class. Don’t be discouraged – what a child is absorbing in class is often evidenced in the comfort of the home environment rather than in a certain level of participation in class. The understanding and consistency of the parent or caregiver in class and at home are key to facilitating musical learning and growth.

You and your child will enormously benefit from the Kindermusik experience, especially if you make active use of your At Home Materials. Frequent reinforcement at home throughout the week makes all the difference in a child’s comfort and participation in the classroom.