“The in-person steps Kindermusik takes to keep me and my family safe are top-notch. We have done very little during Covid but feel completely comfortable attending classes at Kindermusik. Everything is so clean and precautions are safe and easy to follow. Thank you!”

Kayla T.

Chanhassen, MN

“Kindermusik has been a part of our children’s development since our oldest was 8 months old. We love the excitement and engagement each of the teacher’s shows and appreciate how music, dancing and rhythym are helping our children learn and grow.”

Erin R.

Waconia, MN

“The staff at Kindermusik is amazing! Not only does my son enjoy going every week, but I do too. I’ve also learned several new things at Kindermusik that I can do with my son at home. I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

Lindsey C.

Eden Prairie, MN

“Both my boys (ages 7 & 1) have loved their Kindermusik with Friends classes over the years! All the instructors are phenomenal and engaging for all kids. This is a great “Mommy and Me” class that builds foundational skills–and love–for lifelong music exploration.”

Gretchen M.

Eden Prairie, MN

“I started my daughter at Kindermusik when she was 4 weeks old.  As I brought her to class, I was wondering if she might be too young.  I realized soon after that the skills they teach at class are just as much for me as they are for her.  I brought my mother-in-law with the first class and afterwards it inspired both of us to be all about music with her.  My mother-in-law found old tapes and a boom box so when she watches her they can listen to music.  And I went home and taught my husband what we learned and now he’s been singing and dancing with her every night!  Had we not signed up for these music classes we wouldn’t be as inspired to teach her these skills.  Now she’s 8 weeks old and every class she’s more alert, awake and wide-eyed learning and curious.  And what makes it even better is they reduce tuition for babies under 4 months so it gives us a chance to try it out when she’s really little!  Thanks Kindermusik for a great first few weeks!”

Michelle K.

Chanhassen, MN

“My Daughter’s first day at ECFE was another validation that my willingness to wake up early every Saturday morning and take her to Kindermusik is well worth it.  The teachers and other parents were impressed to see her put away the toy she was playing with before picking up a new one.  As soon as the music was turn on she started dancing, tapping to the beats, and even did a “shake up high” with the maraca!”

Tien N.

Chanhassen, MN

“I’m really thankful I made the choice to sign us up.  We are really enjoying this and it’s adorable to see how she recognizes the songs and tries to sing.  Just last night she turned her dinner plate over and started patting it like a drum trying to say the “rum tum tum, beat the drum” from class.  Pretty adorable!  Miss Charity is also amazing, we truly enjoy our Saturday mornings with her!”

Cassy O.

Chaska, MN

“I have been amazed at Megan’s learning during Kindermusik sessions; at home we sometimes sing some of the songs and my daughter can even predict the words, which is amazing! She is just 2 and just started talking, but music connects with her. My daughter listens to the instructor SO well and I am so impressed with how dialed-in she is! Even when I don’t think my daughter is listening, she IS listening and following along with every single activity so well. Originally I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I held off of enrolling in Kindermusik because of the expense.I had a friend say, “It’s so expensive, we can just do music at home.” But WOW! I am impressed with the teacher and the class and have already signed up for next semester. Kindermusik enriches the music we are able to do at home and although it is an expense, it is so worth it in my opinion.”

Allison R.

Chanhassen, MN

“Kindermusik is my 2 year old daughter’s favorite activity! We do Family Time with Miss Tirish, Miss Tirish’s passion for music and the kids is obvious. She has charisma that draws the class in and engages the kids in a positive learning environment. As a parent I also benefit from the class by learning new ways to teach my daughter through play at home. Kindermusik is a good 45 mins where I am focusing my attention on my child and creating a bond through music that I find very valuable. We talk about music and Miss Tirish all week and look forward to music class every time!”

Kelly D.

Eden Prairie, MN

“What a joy it’s been to participate in the Kindermusik program with my 2 year old grandson!  I’ve been so impressed with our teacher Miss Tirish.  She perfectly executes the structured segments of music and movement while keeping everyone’s attention.  Miss Tirish reaches out individually to each child PLUS she makes it all so much FUN!   It’s a special bonding time that any parent, grandparent, or caregiver would truly enjoy.”

Joyce M.

Chanhassen, MN

“My 15 month old daughter LOVES Kindermusik. She gets very excited from the moment we walk in the door. My daughter is a mover and a shaker and so this class fits her fun-going spirit perfectly! Plus it’s such a casual atmosphere. All children are accepted and appreciated for wherever they are at in their development. The CD’s are great. They make car trips, even the short ones, much more enjoyable. I really value the experiences my daughter and I have shared at Kindermusik.”

Shelly H.

Eden Prairie, MN

“Miss Tirish has such a warm and welcoming personality. She greets every child with a smile, is always upbeat and cheerful, and exudes patience which helps encourage children to try new things and build their confidence. My children love Miss Tirish. They cannot wait for Kindermusik each week!”

Kristina B.

Eden Prairie, MN

“My son and I began taking Kindermusik with Friends two years ago when my son was almost two. He was a shy boy when we started and now he is Kim’s little helper. He loves the interactive play with instruments and the one-on-one time with mom. Kim is so good with all the children and makes everyone feel so comfortable. As a mom and self professed germ-a-phobe, I love how clean the studio is and how focused Kim is on keeping kids healthy with hand sanitizer and the Yucky Box.”

Amy S.

Eden Prairie, MN

“Miss Tirish provides a fun, safe, energetic environment for Kindermusik. My daughter loves her, and wants to play “Our Time” at home all the time. Parents are invited to play, discover, and learn as well. Miss Tirish engages each child at the child’s comfort level, while encouraging them to try new things. Thanks to Miss Tirish’s hospitality and tone, our class has bonded and it is a highlight of our week.”

Tiffany M.

Excelsior, MN

“Miss Tirish is a fantastic teacher! The kids love her, and even the parents get up and dance in her classes. My three-year-old is constantly asking if we have music class today.”

Michelle B.

Mound, MN

“Kindermusik with Friends has been a part of all three of my children’s lives from the time they were 18 months old. While encouraging respect for ourselves and others to ensure the class works for everyone, Kim fosters great imagination and musicality in the form of song, dance and instrument exploration. It is a very welcoming environment in a bright and comfortable studio and Kim’s enthusiasm is contagious. The At Home CDs have been extremely popular with my kids offering a wide variety of musical styles and “catchy” tunes – so much so that I even find myself singing along!”


Chanhassen, MN

“My daughter is 20 months old and we have participated in Kindermusik classes with Kim since she was 5 months old and we love it! During this time she learned to move to different kinds of music, to relax to music in “quiet time” (a very helpful trick when trying to calm an energetic toddler). She learned to listen to different sounds and different instruments and is learning to share toys and space with other kids and adults.

Classes are a great balance between moving, dancing, relaxing, participating and listening. Kids are free to be themselves – they can sit with their adults or move around the room, they are not forced to participate and can simply observe others if they choose to. Kim creates a fun and inviting atmosphere. My daughter smiles every time we arrive to the studio and she sees Miss Kim. There is a nice variety of music and we listen to “adult music” as well as kids’ songs. The CDs are enjoyable to listen to and they add a great value to the classes themselves.

I highly recommend Kindermusik with Friends. It’s not only Kindermusik, it is Kindermusik with Friends!”


Eden Prairie, MN

“We are just wrapping up another semester of Kindermusik classes with Miss Tirish and we’ll be back again next semester. Over the last few years, both my boys have attended music classes and we have been more than happy with each and every class. The music element is obviously fantastic for them, but they are also benefitting from the movement and social interactions, as well as practicing listening skills, following direction and expressing themselves. It warms my heart to see how Miss Tirish cares about each child in class and they respond to her. It is a very accepting environment and I enjoy knowing my boys can participate on the level with which they are comfortable for that day.”

Karen W.

Eden Prairie, MN

“Miss Tirish is such a great teacher!! We have had so much fun with her this semester! She is so engaging with the kids and so enthusiastic which makes the class so much fun. I know Jack loved going every week!! We look forward to another great winter semester!”

Lindsey B.

Bloomington, MN

“My children have been in Kindermusik since they were 6 months and 3 months. They are now almost 5 and 2. They both love it. Going to Kindermusik is the one activity that we do that nobody ever complains about! “We get to go see Miss Kim!” exclaimed with lots of smiles.

I have fairly outgoing children who pay attention most of the time but also love to wander and exploring has always been encouraged by Kim. The class has a pace that changes things around just enough to hold the attention of almost every child I have seen. Miss Kim makes learning the foundations of early music seem like play time and she is warm and loving with all children while providing a safe and creative environment. We love her!

Miss Kim did a birthday party at our home last year that was perfect! We still have all the materials from all the classes and they have held up great. I am always surprised at how nice the instruments are as well as the variety of music. Even as an adult my husband and I don’t get sick of listening to them. We have never looked into any other music classes. We heard Kindermusik did such a nice job that we just went by reputation. Thank you Miss Kim for all you have added to our lives because I believe it makes a difference.”


Minnetonka, MN

“Kindermusik with Friends has been a fantastic experience for my two daughters. Kim’s class provides the perfect pace to keep my three and one year old’s continuous interests. They love the fun variety of songs, group sing along books, playful dancing, and using the many different age appropriate instruments and props.

During each session, Kim creatively involves the children with both individual and group participation. This really helps to give my very shy three year old a chance to shine as well as help my outgoing one year old to learn to be part of a group. Kim keeps musical activities fresh and adds special surprises that keep my children smiling and laughing. The songs heard in class that correlate with the take-home CD, give my three year old a chance to learn and independently sing the songs while in the car or at home.

Kim is an exceptional Kindermusik teacher because of her professionalism, beautiful voice, creative ideas, understanding the development of children, and above all her love for music, teaching, and our children.”

Leah L.

Chanhassen, MN

“Kindermusik with Friends is such a fun place to be! I truly believe that every educational experience starts with the teacher, and Miss Kim truly has a gift with children! They adore her and are excited to see her each week, and to participate in the fun musical activities that she has planned! Her love of music is reflected in all that she does during Kindermusik classes. We listen to the Kindermusik CD in the car all of the time…and always on the way to class as they are so excited! I find myself often singing the songs in my head throughout the day. 🙂

Kim provides a safe, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that can be filled with instant energy and loud noise and movement, and then calm back down for another song or activity. She incorporates many bodily kinesthetic movements into each class….did you know you can practice ice skating using a paper plate under each foot?

From a parent perspective, Kim is a very kind and caring teacher, with a beautiful voice, a love for children, and understands what different children need. The communication is absolutely amazing…Bennett, my son, received a Valentine song from Miss Kim via my email. As you can imagine, he lit up so brightly and was very excited to have received his own message from Miss Kim. It was great dinner conversation! Kim is also very flexible and easygoing, making everything about the experience pleasant!”

Karen M.

Eden Prairie, MN

“My son first enrolled in Kindermusik classes when he was an infant and continues to enjoy classes now as a toddler. In class he discovers new sounds, movements, and activities while encountering music and instruments from all over the world. He even communicates using sign language that he learned in class!

Miss Kim’s passion for music and children clearly shows in her enthusiasm and interactions with students and families. She an excellent educator and she provides a welcoming and friendly environment for all. Children are comfortable to move around, socialize, and participate at their own pace. Kindermusik with Friends has become a meaningful and valuable part of my son’s life!”

Maggie L.

Eden Prairie, MN