1. Short 4 week classes in June and/or July with UNLIMITED attendance.
  2. Enjoy & discover the brand new Kindermusik studio & have your child get used to the space.
  3. Stay in a comfortable, predictable routine that is valuable to you & your children.
  4. An opportunity to get you out of the house in the AM to start your day.
  5. Excellent socialization.
  6. A child’s love of learning, interest in music, and need for quality time doesn’t have an off switch… and that’s why Kindermusik is there for you, even in the Summer!
  7. Meet up with friends at class and playdate at the park or beach afterwards.
  8. We’ll miss them!
  9. No other activity you choose this Summer offers the integrated, creative, child-centered, musical experience like Kindermusik.
  10. Summer time is the perfect time to try something new at Kindermusik – a Family Class, a new curriculum level, a new schedule – or just to try Kindermusik out for the first time.
  11. Unique curriculums you won’t find during the school year.
  12. Try a new teacher for 4 weeks.
  13. Invite a new friend to try a 4 week class with you.
  14. Air Conditioning! When the temperatures outside soar, Kindermusik is the ideal indoor activity, keeping little minds and bodies happily engaged – in class and at home.
  15. Summer days are longer than you think. 😉
Even though Summer can be a busy time for many families, your child still deserves the very best…and there’s no better choice than Kindermusik for helping your child blossom and grow. Let us know if you have any questions or need any codes! Schedule & Registration HERE!