To slow the spread of Covid-19, I’m going to cancel all Kindermusik classes beginning this coming Monday, March 16th through Saturday, March 28th. We take the health of our families, community and employees seriously. Our planned Spring Break with no classes is March 23-March 28. This was sent to you in your welcome email and is already figured into our full semester. At this time, we will take a TWO WEEK Spring Break instead of one. 

To make up for this extra week of break, we will extend our semester another week in May. We will now end this semester’s classes May 23rd instead of May 16th. Please update your calendars.

Should we need to extend our closure further, we will let you know our plan by Friday, March 27th.

The world is limiting social contacts and canceling functions, not due to panic, but based on science that this virus can only thrive finding new hosts to infect or travel. We all need to sacrifice so we can give nurses, doctors and hospitals a chance to help us. 

I highly suggest you prepare to limit social interactions & hunker down IF able. We plan to send helpful emails & Facebook posts during our break to help keep your sanity. 😉 Stay tuned!

We very much appreciate your understanding. We’re all in the same boat and need each other. Everyone stay safe, healthy & kind to your neighbor!

P.S. We are a connection point should you need anything. Between us teachers, older children off school and our Kindermusik community, we can help. In the healthcare or safety industry & need childcare? Need food or supplies? Need an errand run due to a sick family member? Please let me know.

Thank you,

Kim Shiely-Owner Kindermusik With Friends