Do you have discounts for multiple siblings enrolled?
  • Siblings enrolled in the SAME class receive 20% off the 2nd registration.  Siblings enrolled in different classes receive 10% off the 2nd registration. Contact us for promotion codes before you register.
  • We also provide discounts for already having the materials from taking it a previous semester with an older sibling.Contact us for promotion codes before you register.
Do I have to enroll for the full semester or can I just come a few times when it's convenient for me?

We only offer full semester enrollment. Occasionally we will offer a special single holiday playdate but otherwise you enroll for the 16 week Fall or Winter/Spring semester or our 4 week sessions in the Summer months. Once you join us, you’ll understand how imperative the consistent classes are to your child’s learning. They and you receive so much more out of class when it’s a weekly occurrence. It’s a weekly playdate with the same families and it’s amazing to watch them grow musically and in their early childhood development skills.

Do you offer scholarships, payment plans or referral discounts?
  • Kindermusik With Friends believes that EVERY child should have the opportunity to enjoy the gift of music. We offer a limited amount of partial scholarships each semester. Email us for information.
  • If you refer a new family who registers for a full 16 week semester YOU receive a $20 credit/discount and so do they! No limits! Email us for information and a referral promo code.
  • You are welcome to pay your tuition in installments. Email us for information.
How much are your classes?

Sixteen weekly classes are from $280-$295 depending on the length of class. This cost INCLUDES the required At Home materials that go along with each curriculum of CDs, Books and Instruments. This turns out to be about $13 per class for the 45 minute classes and $15 per 60 minute class (without the materials). Classes also include a 10 minute gather time before each class AND we have UNLIMITED ATTENDANCE! Come everyday if we have room!

My child likes to run around and doesn't sit still. Is this a class that would work well for him?

The great thing about our studio is that you can TRY A FREE CLASS first! Come try it out and see what you think. Children are NOT required to sit still in class. As long as they are not overly disruptive or running, they are welcome. Disruptions might include throwing instruments often, hitting other children, continually screaming, etc. And though running is absolutely wonderful activity, it can be very dangerous in an indoor classroom. So we do our best to use walking feet in class so no one gets hurt. That said, there are lots of opportunities for high energy movement (jumping, dancing, spinning, etc. ) and many opportunities for your active child to learn about listening and appropriate quiet times. Come try a class!


We have unlimited attendance in our studio. Let’s say you signed up for a Friday Level 2 class at 9:30am. You would attend that class every week. But if you wanted to attend more Level 2 classes with any teacher, you certainly could as long as we have room. Each Sunday we send out an email with open spots and you can ask us to save a spot for you in any of your level! You can also request spots a week ahead of time too!  Due to us needing to keep classes smaller, we will need others to let us know when they are NOT attending their registered class so we can fit in families looking for extras or to make up a missed class.


Can I choose NOT to order the home materials and take that cost off my total?

Our Kindermusik teacher licenses are contingent on us using the Kindermusik Curriculum and each family having the At Home Materials. It is not an option for us to offer that you not receive home materials and take that amount off the price. That’s why the amount for the full semester includes tuition and materials. Exceptions are made if you’ve taken that semesters curriculum with an older sibling and still have all the materials at home.  Also, these home materials are fantastic and allow you to have Kindermusik every day together instead of just once a week at the studio! Books, Instruments, Music, activities! If you can’t use the CD we can send you the music to download the digital MP3s!

Can I try a class before I register?

Of course! Email us at kim@kindermusikwithfriends.com to request your free preview class. Please provide your child’s age. It would also be helpful to know if you can attend during the day, or need evening/weekends. We hope to hear from you soon!

My baby is 16 months old so should I register for Foundations or a Level 2 class?

We always recommend you start in the younger FOUNDATIONS class and come mid semester when they turn 18 months, they are welcome to transition to the older LEVEL 2 class OR stay in the younger class for the rest of the semester. In most cases, it’s better that they be the most confident in class than overwhelmed. This applies to most children who are on the edges for other classes as well. If you aren’t quite sure, please contact us and we’ll find the right class based on your child’s development.