In honor of VALENTINE’S DAY and the lovely month of February, we have a little contest running this month!

If you do one or all of the following beginning today, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Gift Cert to be awarded at the end of February! This can be used during any semester!

  1. Post on our FACEBOOK PAGE why you LOVE Kindermusik.
  2. Post a picture or video of your child on our FACEBOOK PAGE enjoying Kindermusik at home or in class (dancing, playing an instrument, reading their book, etc) and state why you LOVE Kindermusik.
  3. Recommend Kindermusik With Friends via Facebook. You can do this by writing a review by clicking on REVIEWS at the top of our FACEBOOK PAGE.
  4. “Check-In” when you’re at the studio each week in February via our FACEBOOK PAGE. Tell us what class you are there for!
  5. Print out and have your child color/scribble a “We Love Kindermusik” coloring sheet (PDFs emailed this week and available in the studio entrances) and bring into your teacher anytime in February! We’ll hang them in the studio entrances! Don’t forget to include their name!

Do any one of the above ANYTIME this month or do more than one and have up to FIVE entries into the drawing! Complete before the end of day Thursday, February 28th and I’ll announce the winner that week!